Are you a fan of anyone?


Recently due to the concert of Justin Bierber near the place where I live in Oslo, I was asked: ” Valentina, are you not a fan of Justin Bierber ?”. I proudly said: “Omg, no I’m not a fan of anyone!”. After a while I did understand I was lying saying ” I’m not a fan of anyone.” The whole my life my mom was and will be an ideal person for me whom I always want to look like both inside and outside. This week she had her Birthday and I felt so sorry I couldn’t celebrate these days with her after moving to Norway at my age of 17 as she with the rest of my family lives in Russia. This Person always energizing  me by optimal amount of power and motivation each time I need her support. To be honest sometimes I feel very sad being alone in another country and my mom is often getting what’s app messages in the evenings or at night from me:  “are you in Skype?” and I know whatever she does (sleeping or being in the garden etc.) she will run to computer to switch on the Skype and listen to the annoying daughter. My mom is not just my mom, I’m a part of her and when a part of you is hurting, you feel it as my mom feels me trying to cure me. And the same to me , for example at school I always wanted to bring the best marks, when I got A for the very difficult exam, I was the happiest girl coming from school as I knew my parents will be so proud of me and glad!! Without my mom and other supporting me people I wouldn’t be so strong to graduate both Bachelor and Master degree from University of Oslo having 2-3 jobs besides and a big interest to fashion. Nowadays being involved in fashion projects I need sometimes to choose the relevant for the theme hairstyle, makeup, accesorries etc.. Of course, I do look in magazines, social media and other resources but I also look on my mom’s old pictures that for sure can inspire me as I’m the real and the biggest fan of her.

Happy Bithday Mamma!!!

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